Everything, but VERSUS everything else than


I used this expression recently not being sure whether it is usual or correct. I was reminded to a song from an interpreter I don?t know: Everything but the girl

Now, can anybody tell me whether it is the same as …everything else than… ?


Hi Michael!

[size=84]You know my Engish is… [/size] :slight_smile: but yes, to me everything but is the fixed expression (a bit exaggerating) that means ‘anything/ whatever possible except (for)…’
or something like that.

Hi Michael

Tamara has given you a good explanation for “everything but” (“everything except”).

When you wrote “everything else than,” were you thinking of a specific German expression perhaps?
[size=84](“Alles andere als” for example?)[/size] :wink: If so, you can translate that as “anything but” in English. :smiley:

Many people find English spelling anything but easy to learn.


Hi Tamara, hi Amy!

Thanks, you got my point! Anyhow I felt stuck up thinking about using the initial expression for this topic the whole day long. :oops:

So I felt anything but pleasant and hope you?ll forgive me my mistake! :roll: