While discussing whether she was lip syncing performing the US national anthem, a TV presenter Piers Morgan said: “Beyonce still SANG it, everyone. It was HER voice.”
–How could you take the “everyone” here (everyone was witnessing it/believe me everyone)?

everyone - the entire audience (those in the studio and at home).

I may have to reword my question: What did the sentence “Beyonce still SANG it, everyone.” mean?

Although she did not sing it live, she nevertheless sang it. It was her voice on the recording.

Sorry Dozy, still can’t get what ‘everyone’ adds (= anyhow)?

everyone - all of you (when he is speaking to the audience).

“everyone” is the audience of people that the TV presenter is addressing. It’s like when you say “Hello everyone” when addressing a room full of people, for example, or “Listen up everyone!” when trying to get people’s attention.

Sorry to have been so stupid. Got it at last.
Thanks both Bev and Dozy.