1. Our friendship lasts for ever.
  2. Our friendship will last for ever.
    Are both correct?
  3. I am looking for love ever after.
    What is the meaning for ‘ever after’?
  4. Raman’s tooth went flying.
    What is the meaning for ‘went flying’?
  1. cannot be correct as the tense is present but you are speaking about a time which has not yet taken place.

  2. It’s a rather poetic way of saying ‘for the rest of my life’. It would not be used like that in standard conversation.

  3. A force propelled it quickly
    For example.
    Raman’s tooth was loose and when he sneezed it came out and went flying across the room.

Please narrate the sentence #3 in standard conversation.

Use ‘for the rest of my life’; instead as I indicated.