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1- integrated essay (please correct the grammar because I know you do not have the question it is the question of 8th Barons’ book exam)

In this set of materials, the reading passage describes the international team working, which is named following of the sun; while, the professor gave an example and demonstrated the disadvantages of this system.

According to the passage, with the improvement in communication, people can do one works in separate group in different country. For example, two groups of employees in India and U.S. can work on the same project. Because the difference of time between two areas is about 12 hours, they can work on the project all the hours in a day. When the work day in one region is end the team on that area send the result to the other team and they pursue the work.

The professor had an experience about the following the sun method. He did a project with a team in U.S incorporate with another team in India. He said that this method has some disadvantages. First, sometimes one team has a question from other team, in this situation the other team is always unavailable because when one team is at work the other team members are sleeping. Hence, teams must make some assumption about what they do not know, and it makes huge amount of waste of time. The second problem is meeting. It is hard to set a time that both teams members can attend the meeting. For instance, the professor told that they had to attend the meeting on 6 pm in U.S. and around 6 AM in India, these are not the best time for meeting in ether of the countries.

standardized tests like the TOEFL provide sufficient information to determined whether student should be admitted in the college or university.

Although the standard tests like TOEFL can provide some information about the abilities of the students, and they must consider when universities choose their students, the universities must not make their decisions only by the results of standard tests. The student may learn some necessary courses during his study at the university. These tests can not measure all the abilities of one student. Furthermore, some of the standard tests are not available for some students.

The student may learn some skills during his study at the university rather than before attending the university. For example, a student who wants to attend a university in a country, where English is spoken, must send the result of his TOEFL or other standard English language exams to that university. His result may be not very good because English is not his mother tongue. While, he is a genius and hard working student according to his grades in high school. Thus, he can probably learn English properly when he lives in England or where the people speak English. If the university rejects him because of his poor English, it is unfair.

The standard tests’ results can not show all the skills and abilities that one has. For instance, in Iran we have a national test for entering the universities. It is a multiple choice exam. Thus, the student who can answer questions more quickly can attend better university. Many students in my country can solve difficult problems in math or physics, but they are too slow. As the result, they can not enter a proper university.

Some students can not take some of standard tests. Some standard tests are taken in specific area. For an example, a standard test of Persian language is taken only in Iran. Hence, people from other countries can not attend this test unless they travel to Iran. Some standard tests are taken only in specific time in a year, so if you miss that test you must wait till next year. This kinds of tests waste the time of astute students.

In conclusion, I think that universities can count on the results of standard tests for evaluating students, but this kind of tests must not be the only reference for them to decide. There are some perceptive students who can not get a good grade in one standard test; while they have the ability to conquer the hardships of study at a good university.

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