Essay: Why is music important to people?

Q:Why is music important to people?

This world is pervaded with music. Wherever you go, it is always there, in Starbucks, barber’s, restaurants, shopping malls or even subways. At the same time, more and more people choose to wear headsets immersing themselves into music. Music, it seems, has become something that we cannot bear to part with. Why is that? The following is my answer.

Music can inspire people. When enjoying a piece of music, one element that people pay attention to is the lyrics. Sometimes, the lyrics can be illuminating and encouraging, giving people strength. When you feel that the hope is slim and that the world has turned its back to you, the song ‘When you believe’ softly dries your tears telling you that there can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill. Thus, you get the courage and determination to go on chasing your future.

Music set people into thinking. Sometimes, as we rushing through the day, we may lose sight of something important around. Music serves as a permanent reminder. In my life reminds us that no matter how hectic you are, never lose your touch with your friends, old or new. The house that built me gets us to think about the sweet house where we grow up. The sound of silence tells us the significance of communication – stop ‘talking without speaking, hearing without listening’. Those songs inadvertently touch our hearts and set us into thinking about what we have once ignored so that we can lead a better existence.

In addition to inspiration and meditation, people also find love in music. Deep in the heart, what everyone yearns for and seeks after is a piece of true love. However, in this sophisticated world, such love rarely exists. That’s why people turn to love songs where the love they pursue prevails. A thousand years relates a never-dying love. Altas relates an unconditional love. Without you says ‘I can not live without you’, which seems quite ridiculous in reality where people live pretty well after they are crossed in love. For those who do feel quite gloomy when breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they can seek solace in love songs of Taylor Swift. In reality, people may run into ‘Said that I loved you, but I lied’, yet in songs, they find ‘I will always love you’.

As for me, music is in my DNA. At leisure, I just engross myself in music. When gloomy, music affords me power; when ego-centric, music reminds me of loved ones. In the future, those love songs may comfort me. How life would be like without the company of music is truly beyond my imagination.

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Hi Little Ting, welcome to the forum. You seem to have a great grasp of the English language and your essay is very good. I still think there is some room for improvement though. I would use many more transitions, both to start your paragraphs and to move from idea to idea or example to example in your body paragraphs. Without them, parts of your paragraphs sound more like lists of bullet points than a smoothly flowing essay. Here is a good list of some transitions you can use: Your grammar and vocabulary are excellent though and your writing sounds very natural. Make sure to capitalize those titles though. I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

Hi Luschen,
Thanks a billion! I am so grateful for your help~~ :slight_smile:
Indeed, transitions are quite important. I will try to use more transitions to make a flowing essay. (I can’t believe I did not pay much attention to transitions before…)
Thanks for your advice and the link[It is awesome!]!

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