Essay: which is more important, studying at school or to relate with people?

“When you are writing an essay forget all the rules, and just write what goes on in your mind”.

That’s the way to do it Tomas. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think so kitos. :wink:


Well, most of the time it will not make any sences. But I am trying your tips!!

Thank you very much,

Good morning, everyone,
It’s really a pleasurable start of a new day.
Glad to see you guys exchanging ideas about writing skills.
Thank you, Elliott, for your commendation.
I think the right persons you should turn for help are Kitosdad, Richard_Jack and other friends here like Tomasito.
Am I right,Tomasito, you are going to help Elliott to improve his (or her) writing?
They have been here for a long time doing their best to stimulate english learners to write as well as help them revise and refine essays.
One thing I learned from them I think should be mentioned here: As long as you have been through a critical thinking about a specific subject, you will have a lot of words and sentences to speak out, to write down. In the same time, some help from dictionary and peers and teachers would be appreciated and indispensable.

Wish you all have a good day! :stuck_out_tongue: