Essay: which is more important, studying at school or to relate with people?

Topic: Some people think studying well at school is most important , others think it is more important to relate well with other people. Which one do you agree ? Use specific reasons and examples to suppor your reason.

In my opinion, studying well at school and relating well with other people are both important, for they are two essential ways to make a living as well as to achieve one’s fulfillment. It’s really a controversial issue that which is more important. The answer would change as the period and circumstances change.

For one thing, studying in school is the very important approach to get basic knowledge and skills, as well as the basic sense of human values and social responsibility. This is a quickly changing world with swiftly developing science, technology and information. Every citizen needs to adjust himself to the surroundings as soon as possible mainly by studying in school. That’s also the reason why every nation in this planet are doing their best to popularize compulsory education. There are one thing worthy to mention more that a student in school should pay more attention and energy to his study, for the opportunity to get systematical knowledge is rare.

Besides, to relate well with others is a crucial lesson people must learn in order to fit in this world. We humankind is a wonderful social animal. The primary yet important abilities our ancestors developed such as communication and cooperation made us what we are now. And the connection and interaction between individuals in nearly every aspects keep us still the dominators of the earth for thousands of years. The people who’s already amid the labor force would learn more about the importance of this ability comprehensively. So, I think we must try to acquire this ability, to relate well with other people, as long as we have time and chance.

All in all, I think the two ways are both important. If I have to tell which is more important, I would choose the later one. Since from the historical horizon, without close connection and efficient cooperation human should have been extinct already. In addition, communication and good relationship with others make us more available and efficient to get learnt of latest news and knowledge.

total: 40 minutes ; 340 words

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