Essay - Media invasion into celebrities' private lives

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Topic: “Celebrities should be allowed to keep their private lives private, without the invasion of the media”. Discuss

Some people nourish a strong assertion that in our modern world it is more miserable to be unknown than to be poor. Such conception highlights the prevalent and insatiable desire for fame as well as the number of individuals who come over as celebrities. Their private lives, more than ever, are portrayed and somewhat painted through the lenses of mass media. Celebrities have, in more than one occasions, put in question the boundaries that their followers have pushed and presumably crossed. As a consequence, there has been constant dispute on the privacy rights of celebrities over invasion of the media.
First and foremost, in accordance with the most basic civilian law, celebrities should be treated as normal citizens who have every right to attain privacy over the ungainly scrutiny of the public. It is well-noted that celebrities desperately call for privacy when it comes to their personal lives with daily, humble and non-attention-seeking activities. Nonetheless, in response to the demand of the public, the media do not hesitate to ludicrously invade celebrities’ personal lives. Such phenomenon is above all put down to favoritism for the majority over some few individuals. Moreover, the work of the media in a sense would be of futility were the fans to have an appropriate control over their mental attachment to the idols. As clearly stated, celebrities have always been suppressed in the battle for privacy in spite of their own civil rights. It is time for celebrities to regain what genuinely belongs to them irrespective of their profession.
On the other hand, there are plus and minus to every choice of profession and celebrities make no exception to such rule. In a way of reckoning, were their lives to be so private and distant from the public, they would not be called celebrities. A fireman chooses to risk his life with the awesome power of nature for his wish of saving other beings; similarly, celebrities, in want of fame and fortune, are obliged to contend with the harsh reality that their lives are no longer a blissful utopia so impervious to the trespassing of mass media. More remarkably, it is common knowledge that celebrities maintain their statuses in all fields of work for the love and support of their followers. In the entertainment world, resent to satiate the public’s curiosity may be deemed an act of self-destruction. In addition, though absurd as it may seem, the scrutiny of the media could partially contribute to some celebrities’ popularity out of a pool of stars.
In a nutshell, there can hardly be a stop to the invasion of media as with the lives of public figures. I have no denial that some celebrities deserve more privacy to their daily lives. However, needless to say, scrutiny form the media does do good to their careers in their very special field of profession. It is advisable for the media to have more checked actions and the celebrities themselves to appreciate the media’s attempts as well as their own private lives.

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Hi, I think your writing is very good. Personally, I am not so sure I like your writing style because your overly complicated vocabulary sometimes gets in the way of expressing your ideas instead of making your ideas clearer. I have a feeling that the IELTS graders will like it better though. In fact, I went to the trouble of “translating” your first body paragraph into simpler English just to make sure that your sentences built on each other and showed the proper development. I think you did indeed succeed in this, but it was not entirely clear just from my first reading. You do have a few errors, mainly in your conclusion, but nothing very major.