Essay: Cosmetic surgery -- works?

Cosmetic Surgery: works?
Nowadays it is very common to see people being operated on. What it is even more interesting it is that not only women are being operated, but also men are. Another thing is that surgeries aren’t made just on adult people; also, teenagers are making it; and mostly girls.

The influence of magazines and advertisements are all around and people who watch them get so tempted on making plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgeries can be justified only when they are made because of a genetic problem or because of an illness, but it should not be made just because of vanity or popularity. Because once people start doing it they don’t stop anymore. Until being a plastic woman or a plastic man. And if surgeries keep going like this, we will finish in a plastic world.

Cosmetic surgery: Does it work?

These days plastic surgery is rampant. What most might not know is that women aren’t the only ones undergoing the machinations of the plastic surgeon’s knife: men are also opting for such work. And are adults the only ones searching for the perfectly sculpted face? The answer to that, unfortunately, is “no”: kids are playing the game as well.

Among the main reasons for the demand for cosmetic surgery is the mass marketing of “beautiful people”. Models are shown in newspaper, magazine, Web and television advertisements as paragons of the ideal appearance.

But plastic surgery should not be chosen for reasons of vanity. It should only be an option when illness or genetic difficulties necessitate such action.

There are cases in which people have opted for cosmetic surgery in the vain pursuit of anatomical perfection. With imperfect results, they try and try again to obtain the perfect look. But perfection is objective; they’re wasting their money. These people need to learn one very powerful axiom:

A person’s beauty is best judged not by the image of the photograph, but by the beauty of the heart. If this truth is not respected, we will change from being flesh-and-blood beings to plastic-and-rubber appliances.