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Hi everybody, my friend asks me to help him fix his essay, but I don’t have much time and level to fix for him. So, any body can help me?
Here is the essay:
This question is not difficult to answer because “team work” is not a strange conception to us! In fact, when we were children, teacher told us to play, to work in groups. The results that playing or working in team bring to us may be not obvious at that time, so we often feel uncomfortable when “trying” to be attached to other people.
And now, we’re in university environment, some still feel tired, bored or even annoyed when teachers ask them to work in groups. They may think that they have their own bodies so why they themselves have to create a connection between them with others. These thoughts overwhelm us sometimes. But we should know the fact that when you get some job in a company you will not just simply finish the mission that your boss gives to you alone. Every experienced boss respects their business very much, so they don’t dare to hand the whole work on to you.
Working in any company, you have to work in group. The manager just give the work to his/her groups, each group will be responsible for a particular work and every member in each group will take charge of some smaller work. You need to get accustomed to and master this kind of working. Because when you and every members in your company will be more likely to come to success, that will benefit you partly!
Thanks alot!

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