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  1. People remember special gifts or presents that they have received. Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

[color=darkblue]Giving gifts or presents is the beauty of the culture all over the world. There is an abundance of reasons make people to give gift to others such as to express the gratitude, the love, on special occasions, or seeking a profit opportunity. Despite any situation, the main reason make people give special gifts or present is for seeking the fondness from the receiver.

Usually, we often see people give special gifts or presents to others on special occasion. This case regularly happens among other cases. For example, in the first dating of a couple, the man frequently find a special gift which can express his love to the girl such as a flower - to say “you are unique” - a bundle of flower - to say “I love you very much” - or a handmade gift. This act is to attract the lover. Another example occurs on holiday, a special occasion, Halloween, the night of October 31th. At this night, a dozens children will wear a mask or costume and then going to go to some house and say “trick or treat.” They will be received some presents such as candies, cakes, and so on. In this situation, this speciall occasion also is the beauty of the culture that has survived from the ancient times.

Besides that, we also usually meet another situation that hard to find other substitutions for express your gratitude than a special gift. Of course, I treat this manner the beauty of the human too. In spite of the fact that giving gift on special day is fixed day and different from the meaning of giving gift for thank, both of them share the same meaning of giving gift is the love. For instance, someone has help you improve your necessary skill such as English writing, and then someday, when you have a chance, you will return to him or her with a special gift. This present maybe just a small souvenir, a chocalate cake, or a handmade, but it goes along with your gratitude.

Certainly, some special gifts or presents don’t wear a kind purpose inside them. These situations can illustrate the quotation written “there is no such thing as free lunch.” In conclusion, among of all these situation, giving gifts still bring a nice attitude inside.

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Giving gifts or presents is the beauty of the culture all over the world, and a special gift or present even more meaningful for the receiver. There is an abundance of reasons that make people to give gifts to others such as to express the gratitude, the love, on special occasions. A special reasons go along with a special gift will make people remember their gifts forever.

Honestly, first I should inform that what a special gift is. In my mind, a special gift is something that unique all over the world. However, I also know that everyone have a different define about special gifts. These maybe a handmade thing, a priceless diamond, a longing thing, a travel trip, something scary, or anything. So a special gift certainly is a gift that make the receiver very appreciate or so suprise. For example, a girl friend had given me a gift that help me very much, which is a English - English dictionary, so I believe that I will remember this special gift forever. Since this strong emotion, the suprise feeling, the scary feeling, or the appreciate feeling, so I think it makes people remember special presents they have received.

Besides that, an important additional reason make me believe that people remember their special gift is because of the gift giver. The gift giver has to have an significant role in your life, or he or she has to have an special position that contribute to make a gift become a special gift. For instance, a girl receive a handmade gift from her lover for their first meeting anniversary sure will make her remember this special gift longer than a gift from a normal friend. Another example to make clear my opinion is the situation that a farmer receive a honor gift from his president. I think he will remember forever both this moment and this special gift.

Therefore, I believe that people usually remember special gifts or presents that they have received because the special relationships around these gifts and because these special presents itselft. Since the strong feeling or special emotion at the moment people receive their gift, they will remember them long enough.