[essay 119] Please help me rate and revise this essay. Thank you very much.

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People behave differently when they wear different clothes. Do you agree different clothes influence the way people behave? Use specific examples to support your answer.
    [color=darkred]From my point of view, I totally agree with the statement insisting that people behave differently when they wear different clothes. Clothes are not only something that protect our bodies but also define the culture of society, the personality of owner, and so on. Whenever I observe around me, I have always seen everyone acting accordingly with what they were wearing.
    It is very clear that a guy who is wearing a leisure sporting suit will have some arbitrary and involuntary actions. Whereas, a lady who in dark suit will show a delicate gesture. For example, when I wear a T-shirt, a short, and a sneaker, I usually want to run and jump in a funny way rather than walk slowly. On the contrary, I do not want the sweat show on my face when I am wearing a vest suit and being in a polish shoes. Instead of laugh, I’ll just smile and walk in a leisure way. Moreover, I believe that not only the movement had changed; our thought would also change if we were wearing a clean suit. Many study cited that there is a side-effect when we were wearing polite clothes; we would become more confident to handle problems. We also build professional, sophisticated impression for other people.
    In another point of view, I also realize that either our though impact to what we will choose to wear. For instance, when in good state of mood, I often choose comfortable clothes such as T-shirt to make a strolling. Otherwise, when I aware that I will have an important interview that can impact to my career, I certainly choose a clean vest suit, a professional tie, a polish shoes, and so on. In this case, my though lead my choice, and then the correspondingly polite movement will follow the clothes that I had chosen.
    To this extend, clothes reflect our special national custom, our culture, and our habit. When we track to the long human history, we can understand that why the clothes of this nation, this community is different with others. It is because the geography, the weather, and the tradition of them. For example, the Eskimo always wear a thick furry coat because the harsh environment where they are living.
    All in all, I thoroughly agree that different clothes influent the way people behave. In addition, in some cases, we can also say that our behavior impact to the different clothes we had chosen.

I think the phrase “run and jump in a funny way” I had used can be replaced by another word more suitable. But I don’t know. Please help me, thank you, sir.

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Hi, I think your essay is pretty good for the most part, but you have a few sentences that sound very odd and a couple that are almost indecipherable to me. I think your essay started out stronger, but got a bit more away from the prompt and had a few more errors towards the end. You had a lot of minor errors when describing clothes, which I admit is pretty tricky in English - pants and shoes are plural, as well as clothes, but a shirt and a tie are singular. You had a few other problems with incorrect verb tense choices. Overall, I would rate this essay a 3 out of 5.