Especially for Arinker

I like Robert Morley a lot. I don’t really understand him, but he was a very nice person and a wonderful actor. Here’s a video. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


How interesting!
He always seemed to play a Lord or someone.
The interviewer has little to do as he has his pieces he wants to say.
It’s interesting that he rarely looks at the host. He is addressing the audience. Perhaps this is a holdover from his days on the stage.


Yes, very. I first saw him in the 1978 movie 'Who’s Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe". You really ought to watch it, if you have time. Jacqueline Bisset also stars in it.
I also adore watching those old black-and-white movies and there’s one in particular that interests me enormously: ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’ starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. A psychological drama.


I must add someting, Arinker. You could be right that his rarely looking at the host and addressing the pucblic are holdovers from his days on stage, but I think he really wants to show them, that he appreciates for being there for him - I’m grateful that you came and see me, and no so now I’ll speak, or entertain you, if you will - I think Morley was a great raconteur, very pleasant to listen to, even if you don’t understand a word his saying. That’s a bit unlike Joan Collins - I can’t remember who once said the following about her: ‘Joan Collins is famous, because she wants to be famous.’ Oh, dear Joan, I hope you’re not offended and if your are, please…You see I don’t wish to play Blake Carrington to your Alexis. Think very carefully, before you do anything rash.

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Thank you, Arinker,