Especially for Arinker and NearlyNapping

I don’t know who I am and I don’t really know you two either, but what I do know is, that you both love me very much and so do I. I have made a choice. There’s room for both of you in my life and I think we’d make a lovely threesome. I don’t care if the world knows, but there’s something I’d like you both to know: ‘I believe in happy endings.’ By the silence of you two, I know that I can depend on you both and you two on me. Just don’t overload me, would you? Have a nice evening and when you go to bed tonight, please do not hesitate to think of me as I will say: ‘My Little Angels, may flights of Angels sing you two to your rest and wake up refreshed in the morning, so that we can continue our friendship throughout time.’

Your Marc