ESL Teaching Guide Helps!

I was new to teaching and then I found a guidebook full of worksheets that were made by ESL teachers for ESL teachers, its cool. It helped me I thought it might be useful for someone out there. I work at Joy School and they really help out seeing as I have to prep, but these worksheets kind of take the preasure out of preparing just photocopy and its good for a solid 15-20 minutes in class per worksheets. Check them out, I got them here

Hello Jon,

So you want us to purchase your ESL materials? How about introducing yourself to us first? How about sharing some of your experiences and ideas, isn’t this what a forum is about? You can advertise your products in the classified section of newspapers and websites, this here is a place where ESL learners seek advice from professionals like Alan Townend.
Let us know what you think,
PS: Giving free advice and helping people can be an extremely effective method of online advertising!

Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for that and for your support. I certainly agree with you.