Error in your TOEFL discussion 1 (listening test)

There are a few problems with the fifth question in TOEFL discussion 1 (“A stereotypical toy means?”). … means.html
Question 5 asks what the word ‘razing’ probably means. Though the word ‘razing’ does appear in the written text, it is not used in the listening part.

I see these points as problems:

a. This is supposed to be a listening test, but the part of the text in which the word ‘razing’ appears was not recorded.

b. The word ‘razing’ is incorrect in the context anyway. I imagine you meant to write ‘ra[color=blue]zzing’ instead. That would make sense in the context.

c. Since this is a listening test, and this part of the text wasn’t recorded, it doesn’t matter whether ‘razzing’ was spelled correctly or not. However, the word ‘razing’ basically has no relevance whatsoever for this test, and thus the final listening comprehension question (Question 5) is pointless. In fact, you might say that it is doubly pointless. It should be replaced by some other question – one that is actually relevant to the listening task.

d. The part of the written text that was not recorded really ought to simply be deleted. If this part is not ultimately deleted, it would be good to at least get the spelling of ‘razzing’ right.

By the way, it was not possible for me to post this in your test editing forum. That’s why it is posted here.

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Hi Amy,

I’ve reported it, but don’t know when it will be fixed.