Error identification

Hi teachers,

Could you please help me decide if my corrections are correct or not?

  1. Not like jams, which contain fruit pulp, jellies are prepared from strained fruit juice. (Not like is changed to “Unlike”.)

  2. MOst William FAulkner’s novels deal with the universal problem of evil as represented by family disintergration and degeneration. (It should be “most of”…

  3. In 1920 the PResident candidate, Warren Harding, coined the word “normalcy” to express social and economic conditions they promised the nation. (It should be “he”…or “which”…???)

  4. The use of safety factors in all engineering design assumes tremendous importance being insurance against failure of the finished project. ( I changed “being” to “to be”…

What do you think?
Thank you.

Hi Rosalisa

Your corrections sound good to me.

  1. unlike
  2. most of
  3. he
  4. to be

Just out of curiosity, can I ask where you’re getting your practice sentences from?


Hi Amy,

Talking about number 3, is there a possibility that “which” can be used because ‘promised’ here can mean ‘make something certain to succeed’?

All these are quoted from one book called " Error Identification". It was made in Thailand and the lessons are partly written in English and Thai. :smiley:

Thank you.

Hi Rosalisa

No, using “which” in number 3 doesn’t make any sense. Saying “which promised the nation” is basically meaningless to me, and it definitely cannot be understood as ‘make something certain to succeed’.