Error Identification

Hi Teacher,

1.The water in Lake Superior is mostly totally pure, [color=green]with only localized areas of pollution. ( I chose " with" and changed it to " in".)

2.Billy the kid, a famous outlaw who was killed when shot by a sherrif, was named actually William H. Bonney.
( I chose " name actually" and changed it to ‘named as’.

3.The doing of cheese begins with the coagulation of casein, the chief milk protein. ( I chose " doing" and changed it to ‘making’.)

4.A epiphyte is a plant without any roots in the soil.[b] ( I chose " in the soil" and changed it to " in soil".

Thanks in advance.[/b][/u]

1-- wrong choice. Try again. There is a logical impossibility.

2-- Are you asked to change the errors as well as identify them? You found the error, but your correction is wrong. I suppose it should be ‘actually named’.

3-- Good choice!

4-- No. Look to your articles.


May I ask why “to”? Why not “at”?


look to
1 : to direct one’s attention to


Hi Mr. MM,

  1. “mostly” totally pure…it should be erased…
  2. “A epiphyte”…I didn’t look at it carefully…It should be "an epiphyte…

Are these correct?

Thank you. :smiley:

I think MM is going to give you an A on this test, Rosalisa. :smiley:



This, I think, causes about 10% of overall point losses on language proficiency tests.

Thank you very much indeed, Mr. MM and Amy. I must be very careful later. :smiley: