Error Identification: the universal problem of evil as...


  1. Most Willian Faulkner’s novels deal with the universal problem of evil as represented by family disintergration and degeneration. ( I changed it to “problems”…)

  2. Declined populations in the centers of American cities have resulted in a large number of abandoned buildings. ( I changed it to “declining”…)

  3. John Crowe Ransom’s poetry reflects with sophisticated wit and irony the popular thematic of Southern decadence. ( It should be “them”??)

  4. Most lakes were formed about glacial action. ( by)

  5. The adult mosquito usually lives for about thirty days, although the life span varied widely with temperature, humidity, and other factors of the environment. (there’s something wrong with the tense, it should be “varies”…)

What do you think?

Hi Rosalisa

Your corrections look good except for the spelling in 3.
There are also some typos in 1:

  1. Most of William Faulkner’s novels…)

  2. theme


Hi Amy, :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your corrections. The typos came from my typing fast.