"entertainment" vs "entertaining"

Dear teacher,
Please tell me which is correct “entertainment” or “entertaining”?
“He likes watching entertainment/entertaining programs.”

Hi,mlngvt!“He likes watching entertaining programs.”
“entertaining”-adjective,defines what sort of programmes. :smiley:

Both words can be used, depending on the meaning of the sentence.

If you say, “He watches entertaining programs,” it means that he watches programs that are fun and that people get enjoyment from.

If you say, “He watches entertainment programs,” it means that he watches programs that are for pure enjoyment, usually not for information. We have different classifications of programs:

entertainment programs (just for enjoyment)
informational programs
news programs
sports programs
public service programs
Now here’s the tricky part: Some entertainment programs are not entertaining. They can be poorly made, and not fun or enjoyable. Meanwhile, some informational programs are also entertaining. They are interesting, fun and enjoyable.

I agree. I think you can use both “entertaining” and “entertainment”. It all depends on what you want to express. If you are describing the programs you’re watching, then you can use “entertaining”. If you are telling someone what kind of programs you watch, you can use “entertainment”.