Enjoy english study

How to learn English? is that still a problem ?
For those who learn english as the second language ,they would probaly feel puzzled to give an elaborate answer.Surely,i admit that ,a large number of words ,phrases and grammatical knowledges be stored in our mindhouse,but,it doesn’t follow that you have marked them at right places and all of them are helpful or practical .
For you don’t work hard enough to arrange your wordstore,and ,to an extent,you are just an outsider or a traveller ,feeling what you saw,picking nice flowers up on the way,but you never experience them yourself,Maybe,it is only because that,you are not a native speaker!
So , a platitude here ,go to develop your interests first.
:slight_smile: Personally,i treat it as my prime principle,it is functioning still :slight_smile: A song,a movie or some historical affairs draw you somehow,then following the long journey.
People would be alway complaining their bad memory.We are not the native speakers,As i think,to make concessions in attitudes to learning is useful,especially better after knowing a new word,remember its spelling,read those example sentences aloud and remember them,over?Not yet,then coming your turn to make another try.If your words are limited ,just begin with a simple but practical one .The practicality is so important ,for you won’t hope the mindhouse is left to itself .This isn’t a time to ask “why” or do some comparions until you’ve mastered enough words.
With a growing desire of learning,i am enjoying it so much.When english study becomes your second nature you would be into them to an extent that grammars ,new words will never be urgent any more,for what you want to know from a book ,or anticles is the context and contents rather than grammars ,the load of checking words should be weakened in a restful way.Remainders are those disputes or confusions on topics .That is the way of learning reading,writing and speaking.Certainly,Clean your mindhouse daily ,then it won’t become rusty :smiley:
Well,private viewpoints above,thanks for more opinions exchanges !! :slight_smile:

There are lots of ways to learn English, I guess,To begin, :wink: to talk about vocabulary,your best friend could be a good English- English dictionary,the idea is to learn new words so you can learn 3 words per day,and use them in the forums,we are learning vocabulary and developing our writing skills … read different English magazines, books, newspapers … enter to different web pages and practice listening and writing, we have cable tv ,English songs to develope pronunciation,we can borrow books from the library, make a phone call to the united states and practice a conversation with a native …Its not a problem to learn a new language, the problem is give up without trying,

When you enjoy what you do,the learning process is easier than what you expected.


Brains,like hearts,go where they are appreciated.

You are quite right.To pick news words up everyday will be helpful.The problem lies in our laziness , :smiley: If you are not interested in it so much that you will give it up finally.The other problem is ,if you can’t find a right way of learning english,though you have spent much time on it you would be very disappointed too.
Now it won’t be a big problem to read english materials,which you can find anywhere,anytime,via internet or TV and so on.Especially ,don’t waste your much time on it,just one hour or two hours everyday.
Of course,if you are lucky you will find good partners who can help you a lot.I think,there are some special english chatrooms where you can practise your broken english.Really a good place for those who want to improve their oral english.Personally,i think it is a good way to develop one’s interests in english,once you find that you can speak it well you would be encouraged a bit. :wink:
Thanks,friends,english learning experiences exchanges here!!! :lol: