English words from Nahuatl

Maybe I’m dumb about this stuff, but I have just discovered that some English words come from the Nahuatl language by way of Spanish. The ones I know are chocolate, tomato, coyote, chicle and chili. So, when Mexican kids sell Chiclets on the street, they are selling a gum that has a US brand name that comes from an ancient Aztec word.

Hi Jamie

English is a mongrel language. It has roots in Latin, Greek, and Germanic languages, with bits if French, Spanish, Irish, Chinese, (Asian)Indian, and probably a few more languages thrown in there.

As for the kids selling Chiclets:that’s Capitalism for you. Capital appropriates anything and everything - any raw material- it can make a profit from, then sells that product back to you.
“Money makes the World Go Round”

And why are so many people learning English? Because (for now ???) the English speaking world owns the money.

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