English Words Frequency

Hello all,

Do you know a good website to find out about English words frequency?

Or do you know a good way to find out that some words like “dupe and parade” are common in English or not?

I do appreciate you help.

Hi Mohammed,

I’ve never heard of the phrase “dupe and parade”, but it seems possible in a certain context. If you have no learner’s dictionary (as for example Cobuild’s English Learner’s Dictionary) to find out about frequency, you can always google the word or phrase by using quotation marks (i.e. “rain on my parade”). This phrase will definitely get a lot of hits, so you know that it is a common phrase. As a rule of thumb, you’re probably on the safe side if you get at least 1000 hits. Often times a phrase may not be common, but still idiomatic.

For example, I once told a group of students that the expression “What’s that got to do with the price of the cauliflower?” is an idiom commonly used to make somebody stop wandering off topic. They googled the term “price of the cauliflower” and came up with as little as 3 hits, all of them relating to actual cauliflower prices. Apparently, the term is exclusively used in our family.

Hello Ralf,

Thanks a million for helping me.

I like to introduce a related website right here: WWW.wordcount.org

Have fun

That’s an interesting find, Mohammad.


The wordcount website is very interesting. :slight_smile:

You know that’s my first choice whenever I get connected to the Net.

I’m keen to know the frequency of every word I come across for the first time.