English trainer job: Gera from January 23 through January 27, 2012

There are two groups in Gera which consist of about 8 young people (they are all in their early 20ies). The female/male ratio is roughly 50/50. Both groups are on a program called ‘Turntable’ the idea of which is to help them find a new job in Germany or another European country. Some of the participants are at B1.2 or even B2 while others are still at A2 and even A1. Still, they are all very interested in using and improving their English. Here are the topics I have covered with them so far:

<li>the NATO alphabet</li>
<li>English abbreviations used in German (FBI, CIA, CSI, OK, JFK, GI, George W, BBC, CNN, IBM, J. Lo, USB, JR, YMCA, DJ, VIP, ET, IT, etc.)</li>
<li>spelling words with and without the NATO alphabet</li>
<li>English words used in German (we first brainstormed them, then we put them into the following categories: entertainment/music/movies, technology and communication, sports, business and commerce)</li>
<li>the EU: countries, capitals, nationalities, languages, currencies (the groups did most of this themselves, I only had to add about 20% of the information)</li>
<li>reading an article on using YouTube and cell phones in the classroom, discussing the pros and cons of allowing electronic devices in the classroom</li>
<li>preparing and giving a presentation on their favorite pop/rock band (one person, Pawel is actually the lead singer in the Heavy Metal band 'Barracuda Bite'. He presented some songs from their first album including the video they have produced. It looks very professional.)</li>
<li>grammar: simple present, present progressive</li>
<li>reading and discussion: smoking ban in public places in Germany, the EU and the US</li>

Please review all of the items above. Then, have each group member prepare a presentation on their job and the companies they have applied for jobs so far. Some of the participants are interested in finding a job in the UK. Please help them create their CV/professional profile in English. The group can get access to the Internet so please incorporate online activities such as job search, booking a flight and hotel room, ordering office equipment, finding suppliers, etc.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

thank you for e-mail. I can do the whole week in Gera or share the course (two or three days) with another trainer. Do you know perhaps a favourable accomodation there?

How much is the pay rate?

Kind regards


Hi Torsten
I could do one group and would be really interested. It’s been a while since I last did something for you. What are the terms ?
Happy new year if I don’t hear back from you before.

Hi guys! I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and tell you how much I miss English Test Net. Torsten, thanks a lot for the e-mails.

Best wishes,


Dear Georgeta, Roberto and Stefan,

Many thanks for your swift responses. As for reasonable accommodation in Gera, I stayed at Pension Gleis7 for EUR 20 a night and I enjoyed there very much. If you do want to use the place, please get in touch with Frau Krueger as soon as possible to book the room in advance.

Stefan, I’m in Dresden tomorrow, would you like to meet up? Roberto, thank you very much for offering to do the entire week too. Regarding the pay rate, please call me tomorrow so we can discuss details.

Best regards and happy holidays.
PS: Georgeta, how are things with you at IBM Budapest?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten - I am currently out of town - but maybe we can meet up some other time to discuss things. Will contact you 1st week in January … rgds Stefan

Hi Stefan, thanks a lot for getting back to me. I’ll be in Dresden from January 10 until February 7 so we can meet up then. In the meantime, can you please email me your phone number again as I’d like to talk about the rate in advance. My email address is torsten at daerr dot us.


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Hi Torsten,

Things are great and I really enjoy my work. The only thing I am missing is…you know me: teaching. But I am planning to put together a course for those who would like to improve their English language skills related to IT work environment and customer service.



P.S. When are you planning to come to Budapest?

Hi Georgeta,

Maybe you can work as an online trainer with us on the English For Winners project. As for coming to Budapest, I think next spring might be a good time. What do you think? Please also say hello to Herman (did I spell his name correctly?).

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten,

I would be more than happy to do online training; the only issue I have is my weird schedule. I need to leave at the latest 7:45 and I get home after 7 p.m. At least once or twice a month, I work weekends. If you can think of something I can make myself useful with during the weekends when I am off or in the evenings, please drop me a line. I would also like to find out more about the project.
Spring sounds great, but as we discussed, you are welcome anytime you decide to come to Budapest. Herman asked me to say hello to you and yes, you spelled his name right. :slight_smile:

Many thanks and best wishes,


Happy New Year! Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!


Happy New Year to all English-Trainers too!


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Hi Torsten,

here is my report about the week in Gera. The attendace varied (4 to 8 students) as well as the level of english (3 A1; 4xA2; 1x B1/2) and the motivation. However, we did quite a lot in this one week. Here is a list of all the things I covered with the students:

  • revision of the NATO alphabet, the English alphabet, English words used in German, the EU

  • introducing another person

  • creating a business card, asking for missing details

  • preparing and giving a presentation about a company they would like to work with
    (this took a lot of time until the facts were ‘presentable’)

  • hotel & holdiays (types of rooms, facilities, amenities, booking a hotel room, filling
    out a booking form, sentences with ‘would like’)

  • creating a CV

  • rating a list of 50 adjectives, verbs of mental activity

  • listening and comprehension task on www.english-test.net

That was my week. Thanks again for the job and your trust.

Kind regards, Torsten

Hi everyone,

Here is an update on the Gera project:

Dear Julia and Torsten,

My name is Vusala (secretary of the Gera group).

I am writing you in order to inform you about the progress English training Activities in our very motivated Gera group.

Now we are in the class with Uli and we worked and are working on the following topics:

  •     ABC (NATO, International, Internations Civil Aviation Organisation)
  •     Spelling with exercises (e.g name, E-mail, postal adress, indexes etc.)
  •     Grammar: Simple Present, Simple Past, Future, Auxiliary verbs, Negation, Questions with many practical exercises / examples and a very motivated discussion
  •     Vusala presented the Formation of Plural with the many exceptions and questions
  •     Benny will present and illustration of Creative Commons in English (wikipedia philosophy and widespread Open – Source- Content licences etc.)
  •     Telephoning Basics
  •     Commercial/Business letters Basics
  •     Discussion of current topics
  •     Internet English
  •     Cardinal and ordinal numbers
  •     months of the year
  •     days of the week / the date
  •     etc…

Now what we want to do with you as a welcome native speaker:

  •     Telephoning of modern British/American English
  •     Commercial / Business letters in global commercial Communication
  •     Discussion about interesting topics in the European Union and in our World nowadays
  •     Improving our English with your experiences as a native speaker (for example my e-mail that I am writing you now…)
  •     Internet English detailed and with many practical exercises
  •     How to make a presentation with useful modern vocabulary
  •     Modern e-mail Communication
  •     usual., commen Business language

Julia, Your are welcome in our group.

As far as how to come from the Gera Mainstation to Fasaneninsel 1 FAW Akademie.
There are 2 opportunities: If you want to walk, the distance is approximately 2 km (as you have already mentioned in your E-mail). You have walk via Theaterstraße/ Eselsweg/Leibnizstraße up to Fasaneninsel 1.

Second possibility, if it rains or if it is too cold for you can ride on tram and bus.
First you have to walk up to the tram Station (Straßenbahn) in the Friedrich-Engels Str.
Then you have to ride 2 stations (Friedrich Engels Str/ Herderstraße/ Straße des Bergmanns).

In the stations Straße des Bergmanns you change to the bus station near saving bank (Sparkasse). You will see the bus Stop sign over there.

With the bus you go 2 Stations (Untermhaus) and after Untermhaus you come to the Station Gewerbepark Leipnizstraße, this is your final Station. Then on foot 50 m to Fasaneninsel1 FAW you will see the FAW Building.

Unfortunately we have no acces to the Learn English Online :: Error 404 -- Not Found at the moment.
This way we write you this E-mail and we ask you to place it in the forum.
Thank you in advance.

We look forward to meeting you in our class. You are welcome.

With our best Wishes,
Vusala on behalf of the Gera group

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Dear Torsten and Julia,
here is a description about „CC“, Creative Commons, composed by Benny.
Please send me/us your comments and questions to this Creative Commons approach:

[size=150]As an illustration of[/size]

[size=150]in English[/size]

Creative Commons(„CC“) were founded in 2001 in the United States of Amercia.
The Basic idea of „CC“ is to use and widespread Open-Source-Content licences.
They do not (don´t) charge money for pictures, music and textes and many more, but they invite for donations.

The head of the foundation(at the background) was Lawrence Lessig, a law professor at the Stanford Law school. But he had Hal Abelson and Eric Eldred who supported him and the foundation.

The first article written by Hal Plotkin was published in February 2002 in the same year (December) the first set of copyright licences was released.
In 2008, estimated 130 million works were licensed under „CC“.
In October 2011, „Flickr“, a server hoster in the internet, alone hosts over 200 million „CC“ licensed photos.

More Open-Content licences were developed in adaption at first to the US copyrigtht system within a great initative and furthermore customized to other Legal systems (Germany has already customized in 2007/02) and in Austria and Switzerland the preperations will start as soon as „CC“ can.

Translated by Benjamin, Uli, Franziska (Germany); Vusala (Azerbaijan)
Sources: Wikipedia and www.dict.cc
Wikipedia link/´s : Creative Commons – Wikipedia
and Creative Commons - Wikipedia
Pictures are from Wikipedia : Creative Commons – Wikipedia

With our best wishes your very motivated Gera group.
Today we are only 4 English Learners (Franziska, Vusala, Benny and Uli). (Today other Team Members are busy to apply with regional companies for jobs).
We are very happy to welcome tomorrow Julia, who will help us to improve our English.

With best greatings, Benny.
Gera Wednesday, 25th January 2012.

Hello Benny,

Thanks a lot for your update. It’s great to hear you are so busy with your job hunting activities. How many of you are going to apply for jobs in the UK and the US? You might want to learn more about life in Nashville, for example by watching this short clip: english-test.net/forum/ftopi … tml#413807

Best regards,

TOEIC listening, question-response: What kind of music does Mrs. Simmons like?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,
Vusala, Franziska, Uli and me we thank you very much for your advise to watch this youtube videoclip.

Unfortanatly we can not watch it because it is blocked by the Administrator of the FAW.
But we are very busy to improve our English by discussing some grammar issues (comparison,numbers,word formation etc.) and also topical matters of our Time:

-the Current situation in Azerbaijan (a beautiful country, very rich in mineral resources but with a great social polarisation…)
-the double citizanship in Germany | pro and cons
-the current situation at the German Labour market etc.

We are looking forward that Julia will join us tomorrow.
With our best wishes: Franziska,Vusala,Uli and me (Benny).