English second language

why English is the world’s second language, first language what?

I don’t understand your question clearly but let me try to answer you .

The first spoken language in the world as a mother language is the Chinese but you won’t find any one speak it but the people of China .

The most spoken language of the world (as a second language ) is the English language you will find approximately 80% of the world use it as second language .

I hope I answered your question


be the first world language chinese language?

I don’t think Chinese will ever become a ‘world language’ and reach the level of importance and popularity English has.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I agree with Trosten.

By the way, what’s that recording for?

I will try

English is popular thanks to the US which is the most powerful nation in the world. But China has something to say. Some experts predict than in the next twenty years China’s economy will be stronger than US’ and then China will be in the center of all attentions. The Chinese culture and language will influence significantly the rest of the world. After that it’ll be the end of the English dominance.

The Chinese won’t be able to increase their influence if they hold on to their political system and keep ignoring human rights. As of now far more books are translated from English into Chinese than vice versa. The same holds true for movies. Far more Chinese consume English language media than native speakers of English consume Chinese language media. How many Americans want to leave the US and move to China? How many Chinese students want to study at a US university?

Japan’s economy has been very strong for decades but the Japanese language hasn’t gained the same level of importance and popularity the English language has.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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