English presentation ideas

Hello everyone,

I have to make a presentation and I don’t really know what topic/theme to choose.[It needs to be related to English speaking countries]

If you could give me some suggestions I’ll be very thankful.

[size=75]For example: [color=green]British cars history, famous football teams in England, Royal Family.[/size]

Hi Alex
I would guess famous Premier League football teams might be a good choice simply because its only a matter of rearranging and developing material freely available from the websites of each club most of which should be well polished.

Manchester United
Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur

that would be my most famous list.

You could also do just famous London Premiership Football Clubs in which case that would be Arsenal Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Might be more manageable yet more interesting with perhaps dual themes and information on London as a common thread/context?

Alternatively you could just make the whole presentation on
“Why Manchester United are the best team in the world”
No prizes for guessing my team :slight_smile:

He would be better off discussing the rising price of fish Jim than talking about ManU. LOL.


They weren’t doing much better when I wrote that Bill but yeah go ahead an kick the dog when its down why don’t ya! :frowning:

Jim, l would never kick a dog … maybe a ManU supporter though. Watch the greedy Scotsman try to worm his way back in! A miracle-worker he 'ain’t. They are staying down!


Which Scotsman Bill? The manager or the ex manager? Funny how many are Scots.
But Ferguson packed it in he could have stayed on if he had wanted.

So whats your Team Bill C’mon spit it out - this I gotta hear!!

NEWCASTLE Jim, where all the good players come from.


What you really mean Bill is “I will love it if we beat them! Love it!”

No matter how bad UTD are playing Bill I don’t think they’l finish below Newcastle me canny lad :slight_smile: