English family, nice to meet all. I'm a Vietnamese girl. Be atracted by English

Hello everybody! we are in an English family, right? . Nice to meet all. I’m a Vietnamese girl. Be atracted by English so much.I hope that i can improve my English. Thanks for your helps

Hi Duonglynh,

Nice to met you !
I think, indeed, we are all in a big English family here. ^^

Oh, You live in Vietnam ?
I’m French, I like Vietnam, I went to Vietnam twice at Saigon, Danang, Hanoï,…
My aunt is Vietnamese, she lives in Paris :happy: :slight_smile:

i wish you a nice day !

[color=indigo][b][i]Hey Lynh:

Just to welcoe you. I am very gald to meet you here.

I then wold be grateful if you could write to me personnally.

May my Lord and my GOD abundantlya nd richly bless you in Jesus Christ. Amen !!![/i][/b]

Hi!Duonglynh!how are you?I’m from Vietnam too!so where do you live now?We can help each other in English!I think so!Hope you will help me!thanks