English Expressions


I’m searching a good site for English Expressions meaning, can someone give me a link? or help me with these expressions?

-have sticky fingers
-hit the jackpot
-in a nutshell
-in black and white
-in hot water
-in the same boat
-jack of all trades
-keep in touch
-keep up with the joneses
-kick the bucket
-kill two birds with one stone
-last word

PS. you don’t have to search for these expression, just post the meaning of those that you know


have sticky fingers - when you have them, you are likely to steal sth;)

hit the jackpot - to win sth or suddenly get a lot of money

in a nutshell - to cut long story short, to say sth using as few words as possible

in black and white - on paper, sth is written down

be in hot water - to be in a dangerous situation or one that you are likely to be criticised

in the same boat - be in the same (unpleasant) situation as other ppl

to keep in touch - not losing contact with sb

keep up with the Joneses - you always want the same stuff as other ppl have, just to show that you can afford them too.

kick the bucket - give up a ghost, fell off the perch, bite the dust, snuff it - to die:)

kill two birds with one stone - you achieve two goals doing one thing

last word on sth - you won’t say more, this is your last word

Try to take some expression tests from this site:)


Thanks Mosteque!, and by the way, where can I get those test and what does STHmeans?:?

This is a link to tests : english-test.net/index.html

sth - something
sb - somebody
btw - by the way
asap - as soon as possible
lol - laughing on loudly

this is a kind of internet lingo, sorry for baffling you;)

Thanks AGAIN! Mosteque!

You should take a look at this…


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Yes, I got that message too but the site shows a Google PageRank 7/10 which means it must have been around for a while and has gained quite a level of importance.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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u missed one! jack of all trades! heh :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, indeed I omitted one. I did it on purpose because I hadn’t known the meaning of it. Now when I’ve chcecked - read as follows;) :

Jack of all trades - a person who knows how to do many different jobs

This is a part of a bit longer saying: Jack of all trades, master of none, which simply means that this person can do a lot of things but isn’t an expert at any of them.

Intresting, thanks Mosteque

-keep in touch means to maintain communication.

Thanks… That was helpful, I hope you guys to help me if i need help again with expressions, maby with idioms too :stuck_out_tongue:

He who seeks finds and who… asks will be answered :smiley: :wink:
you can bank on me :wink:

Oh… I need help again with those expressions… but now I’ve to make sentences with each one!

My teacher said that it has to be REAL LIFE sentences.

i.e. (B = expression)

The candidates for President of the Republic of Panama, were in the same boat, because they all were nervous…

In the same boat–in the same predicament as others.
Real life – normally situations; expressing or dealing with situations or things that reflect what we experience in real life.

A novel or a play should have a plot based on real life situations.

The last person we hired in the shop turned out to have sticky fingers
I’ve been playing at casinos all my life but i’ve never hit the jackpot
Stop elaborating on that, we don’t need all these details, just put it in a nutshell
Ok, now when i understood your plan, I need it in black and white to be able to carry it out
The President found himself in hot water over his comments about the war
i’m not in touch with what young ppl are interested in nowadays
They don’t really need this new car but bough it just to keep up with the Joneses
My neighbour kept smoking all his life and eventually kicked the bucket yesterday
Let’s go to the mall, we can eat and watch a movie there so we can kill two birds with one stone
I won’t come!! and this is my last word on that

heh, nice sentences and thanks again Mosteque

I understand that this net language has come to stay. I heard that the recent edition of the Oxford dictionary has added a list of net words or email words.( I am yet to verify)

:oops: Errm I got more expressions… but I’m :oops: for asking you guys again, but i really need help…

Lay one’s card on the table
Look a gifit horse in the mouth
Lose one’s temper
Make a face
Make eyes
Make it snappy
Make one’s bed and lie in it
Man of one’s word
Heart in the right place
Hit the sack