I’ve often noticed that when I try to tell the address of our website to someone on the phone, they have difficulty understanding it or getting it right. Many Germans would either spell the word “English” the German way (Englisch) or they would even write “Inglisch” because that’s what the word English sounds like in German. Once they get through that first hurdle, they still have to manage the ‘dash’ or ‘hyphen’ and then the domain ends with ‘net’ not ‘de’ or ‘com’. So I asked my wife to come up with a German domain name that we could use in Germany and she suggested www.englischreich.de which I’ve registered and yes, those Germans I’ve given the address so far had no problem whatsoever typing it into the address bar of their browser.

Do you have any similar experiences with complicated domain names and web addresses?


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I’ve made some websites for charitable organizations. With one of them, I registered four domains, so that people can type the address in the most typical spellings people would imagine, and they still get routed to the site. For the official URL, we use hyphens between the words for better visual separation on posters and brochures.

The first association I had was that you wanted to found something similar to this

Hi Ralf,

But it’s not the Deutsches Reich – it’s just EnglischReich ;-).[YSaerTTEW443543]

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