Enemy at the gates!

Oh, well, mind you again, do be very careful with this, sly, cunning little fellow, who is trying his best to impress you.

Wot mangy dog.

Duke, I’m just trying to reveal my own Pandora’s box.

Mind your own Affairs, will you?

Huh? Even a dumbest Otto with IQ -40 can open your whatever box , just like that.

No big deal.

If you don’t know Alaungpaya, you don’t know Burma yet.

One of my most revered heroes.

Der Goldene Brief
des birmanischen Königs Alaungphaya an König Georg II.


König Georg II.

Am 7. Mai 1756 schrieb der birmanische König Alaungphaya, der zu den bedeutendsten Potentaten seiner Region gehört, einen Brief an den englischen König Georg II., in dem er ihm einen Vorschlag zur Gründung einer Handelskolonie in seinem Machtbereich unterbreitete. Alaungphaya wird von den Birmanen auch Alaungmintaya genannt.

Auf diesen Seiten präsentiert die Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek einführende Informationen zu dem Brief, den Stand der Forschungen und Termine, an denen das einzigartige Dokument öffentlich gezeigt wird.

I hope you know some real things of Burma now.

Now you can see how poor and coward, we Junglese were those days.

My Hero sent this Gold Letter to King George II

In May 1756 the king agreed to the English requests in a letter sent to King
George II.

It was an exceptional dispatch written on a rectangular plaque of gold dotted with precious rubies.

The elaborately packed was brought to Madras and from there forwarded to London
,where in early 1758 it was handed to George II by the Secretary of …

My hero was pretty good in Diplomacy as well, eh?

Oh, those Junglese. It’d be wise to leave them alone???