Elaborate text

Employess protesting at the planned cloisure of the Margaret electronics factory have begun a protest outside the factory. It was revealed last week that production at the factory where over 3000 local peolple are employed is being transferred to the magnet plant in Luton next month. “Why weren’t we informed about this earlier? We were only told about this two days ago”-said Calter, representing the work force. “We should make companies like this, start thinking about how local communities are affected by their policies”-she added. Mr Rain asked what should be done to help those who would be made reduntant. “The mahority of our employees will be offered work at our plant in Luton”- he told our reporter. "And every effort mas made past month to offere early retirement to those who qualify. When he was questioned about why the workers hadn’t been told about the closiure earlier, he revealed that the company had been promised a government loan to keep the factory open, but at the last minute the government decided not to provide the loan after all. “So don’t blame the company. We have done our best”
Could you probably look through the text and say whether there are any illogical sentences. If any, could you please point them so that we can correct 'em.

The first thing you need to do is use a spell checker on it. That should pick up all the badly spelled words and the typos.

The other errors relate to punctuation.

… where over 3000 local people are employed… this is a parenthetical phrase and should be enclosed in commas.

…companies like this start thinking about… (the comma after ‘this’ is incorrect)

The hyphens are incorrect after the speech and you are missing the closing speech marks after ‘qualify’