elaborate/colorful behavior

1 flamboyant
2 : marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display or behavior
[M-W’s Col. Dic.]

What would be a elaborate/colorful behavior?

Which kind of “display” is being talked about in the definition?

Please help with the queries. Thanks.

Hello Jackson,

A word like ‘flamboyant’ can be applied to so many things, which is why it is not possible for the dictionary to be specific about the sort of ‘display’. It depends on the context.

The Las Vegas showgirls put on a flamboyant show.

  • in this case their costumes, dancing and make up, combined with the lighting and make up is the ‘display’, and their dancing, poses, moves and scenery is the colourful behaviour.

The peacock attracts his mate with an elaborate ritua.

  • in this case the peacocks tail feathers make the ‘display’ and the way in which he moves to display them is the colourful behaviour.

Thanks, Beees, for always being there to help me.

Please don’t accuse me of splitting hairs! We all learn in different ways. Is “scenery” part of the behavior?

‘scenery’ is part of the display. You may be right to split hairs as I was cutting corners!

“Flamboyant” is also a code word for showy effeminacy in men known or presumed to be homosexual. At least that’s true in the United States anyway. The media really likes to use it this way. It often has a derisive or disdainful air.

Thanks, Beees, Mordant.

Mordant, what difference would it make if ‘anyway’ is omitted from the following sentence?

At least that’s true in the United States anyway.

Please let me know.

Jackson, it would not make much difference at all. There would be no actual change in meaning.

Thank you for the information. Perhaps, you were using it as an intensive then.