El idioma mas facil del mundo

[color=blue]I always thougth that my native language was one of the hardest to learn, until this topic was brought up in another forum and I quote:

Spanish was the first language besides my native English [color=darkblue]that I started learning, and I found it really easy to learn. None of the other languages I’ve studied since then have proven as easy as Spanish did to learn…it just clicked in my brain. But, as Deborah said, this was also helped by the fact that I live in California and was not only aware of a lot of Spanish words before learning it formally, but I also had plenty of chances to practice Spanish while I was in the formative period of learning it (which helped with other things besides just vocab learning, but important stuff like phonetics). From my point of view (as an English-speaking American), I can’t think of an easier natural language to learn than Spanish. Obviously, I should point out that no language is universally easier to learn than another.

Another quote:

In my last Spanish class, it occurred to me that a high number of cognates makes the job of the teacher of an immersion class a bit easier. For example, in teaching the use of “tu” and “usted” to an English-speaking class, it’s handy to be able to use the words “formal” and “informal”.

In my second class we started learning numbers, and I thought it was interesting that everyone in the class, regardless of where they were from, knew how to count at least to five in Spanish, and almost everyone knew how to count to ten. It was also interesting that the teacher seemed to know in advance that everyone would know how.

So as of this time, I have to hand it to mosteque for saying that polish is the hardest of it all.

I appreciate your acknowledgement :slight_smile:

It’s not the hardest… it’s just one of the hardest :smiley: