Either vs Both


“I hope you’re both well and happy.”

Can I say “I hope you’re either well and happy” as well?

Thanks. Bye bye

No, that would not be right. To use either, you would have to wish that they were well OR wish that they were happy. “I hope you’re either well or happy.” It would be like saying ‘I hope you are well but it doesn’t matter if you are happy’ or vice versa.


“Do you want to come on Monday or Tuesday?”

“Either day would suit me”

Can I say “Both days would suit me” as well?

Thanks once again. Cheerio

In context you would probably be okay with that, yes.
(Out of this context it would sound as if you are saying you want to come on both days, so ‘either’ is really the best option.)

Hi Beeesneees, thanks. Take care of yourself.