Eight glasses of water per day!


I was reading this article ‘Human body and water’ in which the doctor said that we all must take at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Isn’t it strange? Or doesn’t it depend on the atmosphere in which we work? If my job is to travel around in the hot sun, while our dear Amy’s job is to work at computer helping ESL students :lol: ( and maybe sitting in a comfy air-conditioned room), shouldn’t the number of glasses differ? I may end up taking 15 glasses and Amy 5. What do you think? Of course, other than that the mail is nothing but daft! :shock:


Air-conditioning? :shock: Ha, ha! I’ve never lived in an air-conditioned house in my life.

I don’t count the number of glasses of water I drink per day, but I’m quite sure it’s usually at least 8. That’s why I have such a hard time imagining how people manage to go without water all day long during Ramadan. :shock:


We had some training before started to work in tropics and I remember that water consumption was there encourage up to minimum half a litter per hour when performing any physical job outside.Working time on sun was reduced up to six hours a day( in theory).
Some of companies are normally suppling wine or any other
alcohol ( in small amount about one glass of wine a day)
to keep blood more relaxed.
Nowdays no anymore, shipping become mostly “dry” place.
Dehydration is very treachery because you may feel relative
good up to a moment of collapse.
I myself never had treated this stuff too seriously but I know many people carring with them bottles anywhere they go and sipping some water all the time.
You need also to take some pills with minerals because
of flushing-out effect on your body when drinking such amount of water everyday.
But this is mostly reserved for engineers.


Drinking water is also crucial when you want to burn some
fat not that somebody her may be overweighted but just in case.


As far as I know, there are (maybe, were) two different standpoints in the US and Russian/Soviet Army(-ies). In practice…

One of my school classmates did military service in… a very hot climate and told me that they never were allowed to drink on the march/on the move – at all! Only before and after – and only warm liquid with a small peace of brown/black bread, salted.

American soldiers use special equipment to drink permanently – everyone who watches TV can see how they do that right on the move.

The same I see in leisure centeres – most local people permanently (~ each 15 min) drink-drink-drink water WHILE doing hard physical exercises. Frankly, I see it with trembling… but I know that this is widely spread (here) ‘doctors recommendations’.

I myself never do that. If I need to do something hard/physical in a hot weather for several hours, I usually drink a glass of salted/mineral warm water before. And after. Never in the process, as I exprerienced that it makes myself less strong and enduring. I definitely loss much of my power if drink while running (know that from my schooltime :slight_smile: ).

But, maybe, my personal need in water is low (isn’t very ‘developed’ :)) – I normally don’t need more than 3 cups per day + and 4-5 fruit. And never carry with me that bottles of water as I can do without drinking all the day – there is no extreme need for me to drink during the day in the UK climate. And I’m not overweighted at all.

Buy the way, in the USSR, in so-called ‘hot’ plant floors (in steel-making industry) there were special water machines with mineral water – with additional special button signed ‘a portion of salt’.


I’m a bit like you, Tamara, in that I’m hardly ever thirsty for water and have to force myself to drink some. I guess I don’t really like it – even when I have the odd opportunity to drink natural spring water (and everybody else oohs and aahs over it).

Now, give me tea, coffee, all kinds of tisanes and fruit juices (and the occasional beer or glass of wine), sometimes cocoa – but practically no milk on its own. In summer, I occasionally have a refreshing milky drink made from tiger nuts, called ‘horchata’.

Why don’t we start a thread on typical drinks, by the way?

In my case,I can’t get used to drink 8 glasses of water a day,when I start with the first three glasses I feel full,I can drink orange juice,or other juices,tea,but not water something similar as Conchita,but during summer I can drink liters of water,
and in my case,I know I am overweighted.

You need at least 2 and a half liters water a day, depense on a lot of things like the temperature, the kind of work you do, your age and some other things.
As you know you can find water in almost everything you eat and drink. If you eat a big plate of soup after a watermelon you don’t have to wory too much about drinking an other eight glasses of water.
Too much of water could cause heart problems.