egotistic vs. egoistic

It just occurred to me that there are two spelling versions of the word egoistic:

egotistic and egoistic

Which one do you prefer?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: What’s the matter with the air conditioning?[YSaerTTEW443543]

I use egotistical.

Egoist and egotist appear to mean the same thing, but look at the definitions for egoism and egotism.

an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.
• another term for egotism

the practice of talking and thinking about oneself excessively because of an undue sense of self-importance

(I took these from the Oxford American Dictionary.)

I prefer the variations with the [t].

So egotistic, egoistic, egotistical mean the same, right?

It is not surprising that Jamie(K) uses the word ‘egotistical’…because the people to whom this word applies really make their presence known, compared with ‘egoists’.

egotism’ denotes having an excessive sense of self-importance. Hence, the conversation of an egotistical person shows much use of the word ‘I’ , as they boast and express their sense of arrogance.

An egoist is one of those introspective types, pondering upon the inner workings of his mind/psyche; but he is most likely to keep it to himself, or at least be modest about it
(An egotist would tell others everything about his important self-analysis; so they are murder to know if they do go to see a psychotherapist, where inner exploration is encouraged!)