here please see the essay subjected Internet shopping has increased recently. How does it make an impact on the environment? What new types of job should be created? I will be glad to hear your comments and thanking you in advance.

Needless to say that developing in a technology always has negative and positive impacts on people lifestyle. I intend to argue the effects of online shopping on environment as well as the variety of job opportunity creation.
In one hand, people use their computer terminal instead of commuting in cities to provide their required goods. In the other hand, the goods delivery companies can grow up and submit the products to the owners. Hence, it results in decreasing twofold environmental degradations in today’s modern life: traffic and air pollution. For instance, the computer shop delivers four orders utilizing one car instead of four costumers, each using their own car that means less traffic and air pollution.
Even more important, though, as online shopping is easier, people buy more products. As a result the public demand for particular goods increases. The company employs more workers to compensate the high request of products. Instantly the consumption of fuel and raw material rises, therefore utilizing the natural resources such as fuel, electricity, wood, wool, water, and lands will be increased.
Moreover, the way of communication and paying bills will be altered according to the purchasing method. A powerful online banking is required to maintain the money flow. Furthermore, in online shopping, products will be purchased from all over the world so that forming an organized transportation system is inevitable which a vast amount of job opportunity create. From another point of view, variety of currency will flow into the market. New system of internet banking with professional staff is essential.
In the way of conclusion, although increasing of this trend helps decreasing in air pollution and traffic in cities, the negative effects on high demand on natural resources to be considered. Government has to maintain the roles to control the market on utilizing resources and support the job creating nature of this trend.

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