Education is easier today

Nowadays, with expanded technology in all fields, people can do everything easier than before let alone education. It is obvious that people do not have previous trouble to learn something. In the past, education was so limited and perochial, while education is getting international today. In fact, people do not more depend on classical system to acquire a knowledge. In modern life, there are various methods for learning everything from very basic concepts to high academic materials.

The first reason why I say that is people have access to various resources to study and learn. Without any doubt, despite the past, there are a lot of facilities and equipment in all societies for education today. People can easily go to different institutes to study whatever they like. Governments have established a number of schools, colleges and universities all over their boundaries. In addition, there are even some international universities in some countries. For example, in my country there were a few universities in the past decade, however, there are at least three universities in each city currently. As my father tells me, they had a variety of problems to persue their education in those days, including financial issues, availability of resources, lack of good teacher and many other hurdles that we cannot even believe or imagine them today, thanks to great funding on related infrastructures. These investments are also beneficial for countries. Having invested as much money as possible in educational programs, countries are developed in many aspects.

The second reason for that is technology development and advent of computers. As we all know, computers are really beneficial tools for education. They are not only useful devices for teachers to instruct their knowledge better to the students, but also they are sometimes do not require any teacher to convey a lesson to us . In fact, there are many virtual softwares in all majors that are self educating. For instance, English language boosters are very effective to enhance the knowledge of eager learners in all levels from elementary English student to people in advanced level. Furthermore, internet based forums for learning are another great aspect of computers. Students from all over the world get together in these forums and transfer their findings and knowledge. In my case, I have registered in an English net based forum. I have to say it is a great opportunity for me to meet native English spoken instructors there. Having taken advantage of their guides and tips, my English skills have improved drastically.

In the end, it all comes to this basic concept; no one can deny the fact that acquiring knowledge is really easy today. Thanks to development of technology and availability of resources.

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