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Do you agree ou disagree with the following statement ?

A teacher’s ability to relate well with students is more
important than excellent knowledge of the subject being taught

The students pass long time inside the classroom , somebody say that the school is the second
house , that is a extension of home , thus the knowledge learned in there is important
but does not more important than the formation of personality of the students.
In the middle school the students still are very young and their character is being developed
besides the education that they receive at home by parents ,
there is the education passed in the school by the teachers that complets every one learned at home ,
perhaps we can say the school education is the single when we remember that some children have not
a good education at home because the parents work hard or they have not time for the children , in these cases
the action of the school especifically the teacher is so much important to realize some strange behavior of the pupil
then draw his attention to help him the best possible.
Another situation which the teacher’s ability to relate well with students can be fundamental is on the learning process
of the students which is linked to a excellent knowledge taught by the teachers.In my high school there was a teacher of mathematics
that was very funny with every one in the classroom , thus the class was very interesting , so because of the good relationship
with everybody , the grades them were very good , cause it is notthe “friendship” but everybody studied hard ,
also for those bad students who not liked to study so much.
Therefore I reforce the ideia which the capacity of the teachers to relate well with students is certainly of big importance
because in the school you will not learned the subjects only but you will learned the concepts of the life ,
like to act in differents situations as well as the way of being and living with another people wherever. "

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