Eating meal together in a family is good or not. Agree or disagree

Eating meal together in a family is good or not.

Everyone in the world is busy with their own life. people are preferring to stay alone rather than staying in family. This has its own pros and cons. Having food is the only time when a whole family can spend time together. So as far as I am concerned , I am kind of family oriented girl, so I would prefer to eat together rather than having it alone.

First of all, family can spend some quality time with each other. A whole day every member of the family spend time in doing their own tasks, for example, parents are busy in doing their jobs and children are busy in studying. Dinner or lunch is only time when everyone is free. So dining table can be a family time apart from personal time.

In addition to quality time, family can have some important conversations or discussion on dining table. As I said earlier, busy life has no time to talk with each other. Many times we find around us that children do make their important decision on their own due lack of guidance. If family fixes a time to eat their food together, then children can get some time to share with each other and get proper guidance from an adult family member. Important discussion on certain topics helps in building different perspectives for other family members. Therefore, it is important in term of personal growth.

Lastly, eating food together gives us an idea about each other’s choice related to food. If parents or children eat their food own their own ,then family member do not have idea about what kind of food their family members prefer. For example, one of uncle and aunt never eat food together. They do not have any idea about each other’s choice which is really bad for their realtionship.

To sum up all, in my view, family constitution is very important to build a successful human. Having a meal together is good idea to make it possible. Therefore, I strongly believe that family should eat their meal together.

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