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Hi Luschen. Please check this essay. I am going to take exam next week so I will appreciate if you revise my essay.

Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat at home. Which do you prefer?

It is clear that people should eat properly in order to stay healthy and work efficiently but people are different when it comes to the way of eating. Some prefer to eat at home since they think that it is much cheaper while others prefer to eat at restaurants because they are not cookers. From my point of view, eating at food stands is faster and better than eating at home.

For a start, whether we realize it or not nowadays people have a shortage of time and even schedules of some people such as taking care of children and going to work do not concur with each other so some people are prone to eating out in order to save time. By this way, people can achieve leisure for conducting other tasks. Furthermore, preparing food at home involves many steps. Firstly, people are required to buy necessary ingredients. Second step includes cooking and then trimming. Consider how much time it takes but if we go to eat at food stands, it will take no more than fifteen minutes. For all those reasons, eating out helps people save time.

Secondly, I am not a cooker and preparing food at home would be challenging for me. For instance, last week I tried to cook pizza and I bought all necessary things but I did nothing except wasting time. In addition to this, many people cannot eat the food that they prepared on their own. This can lead to malnutrition and cause health problems.

Last but not least, I should confess that I do not like eating alone. I prefer to call my friends and go to restaurants together. We both eat and discuss problems we face in high schools. In other words, we are the best of both worlds.

To sum up, I prefer to eat at restaurants rather than eat at home because it saves my time and promotes to interact with my friends which is considered very important for my future.

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Hi, I think this was one of your better efforts. You have a clear structure and have addressed the topic well with pretty good transitions throughout. Your examples are good, although I think you were missing some details in your second body paragraph. Your final paragraph was very good, but could have been expanded - I suppose you may have been running out of time. You have a few odd sounding phrases and some poor word choices, but overall, not bad. I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thank you very much Luschen. Ooo. I got 4 and this means that I have made some progress. Thank you again Luschen for you aid ,I very appreciate that and when it comes to your sentence"- like some people might not used their mouths to eat" you are very funny in conjunction with your helpfulness.

Thanks Vuqar - I do what I can! Sorry, it should have been “some people might not use their mouths to eat”