Eat dinner?

Is it right to say “eat dinner”? I saw it in some articles but don’t find it right.


If you allow me to be in. I hear natives using ‘have’ instead… I mean when they do the talking.

-Have dinner.
-Go to dine.
-Go get some eats.
-Go grap some bites.

Does it mean “to eat for dinner”?

I’m going to eat dinner then do the rest of that work.
I’ll take a walk after I’ve eaten my dinner.
Let’s finish raking the garden before we eat dinner.

All examples in common use.

Hi Beee,

Would ‘‘raking the garden’’ be like ‘‘mowing the lawn’’ ?

A different task for the gardener, Puppet.

A rake is used to clear away leaves and debris from the garden/lawn, so it doesn’t have quite the same meaning as mowing the lawn (cutting the grass).

Don’t we use rake-bars for collecting hay as well, do we?

Thank you. I got it.

Hi E2,
I’ve never heard a rake called a rake-bar. It can be used for hay, though.

Have you heard for a bar rake then?
And you must have heard for a sickle-bar, haven’t you? (I would run across the word searching the Internet.)
I came across “parallel bar rake” on the Net as well.

I’ve heard of ‘parallel bar rake’ but not just ‘bar rake’. Anyway, the meaning is clear.