During Pimsleur approach--Additional resources?

Hi guys

In the ‘Guidelines for success’ of the Pimsleur German language manual :

[i]Do all required activities according to instructions, without reference to outside persons, book, or course.

Do not have a paper and pen nearby during the lessons, and do not refer to dictionaries or other books. The Pimsleur Method works with the language-learning portion of your brain, requiring language to be processed in its spoken form. Not only will you interrupt the learning process if you attempt to write the words that you hear, but you will also begin to speak the target language with an American accent. This is because the “sounds” represented by the American letters are different from the same-looking letters from the foreign language.[/i]

The reasoning behind this is logical and I have been religiously following it. I am extremely happy with my progress. N I believe its confidence which matter the most and Pimsleur beautifully provides it. I am half way through German 1 and I will continue till the end i.e German III and Plus.

Considering this, it will take me another 70 days or so to finish the entire course (one mp3 per day)

I would like to know if I should keep doing what they have told me to do or do some supplementary things along with it. I have downloaded a few German movies and podcasts. Will it hamper my learning as they claim? I had initially planned to engage with the ‘outside German world’ after finishing mid-German III…

Seeking opinions. Mostly, I will stick to my original plan.

Kindly comment.

Btw, about me, I am an Indian and going to Germany for higher studies ie MS. I know to read and write French well but speaking and listening is terrible! :frowning:

Auf Wiedersehen