Drew vs drawn: I drew a diagram. vs I have drawn a diagram.

What’s the difference between

  • I drew a diagram
  • I have drawn a diagram

Of course drew is past tense and drawn is past participle but when do we use them?

I drew a diagram + yesterday.
I drew a diagram + in October.
Past tense + time should be mentioned. Otherwise, it is not correct.

If you don’t give time, you can use - Have+done, Have+drawn

Thanks. with time its past tense else past participle. Correct?


We use have (has) drawn, or Present Perfect to express an action in the past, but in this case we focus on the result (you show the diagram, or you’ve just drown it). We use Past Simple (Indefinite), or drew to express a single action in the Past which is not connected with the Present (as it is mentioned above - yesterday, a year ago, in 1992, etc.)