dramatically so where partition was employed

I read this from a book on history:‘newly independently countries had frontiers based on the decisions of imperial administrators----dramatically so where partition was employed,but more generally and less deliberately throughout Africa and Asia.’
I cannot quite understant the meaning of ‘dramatically so where partition was employed’.In particular,what do ‘dramatically’ and ‘partition’ refer to here?

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This sentence is not quite correct, or at least so ugly that its syntax appears to be incomplete. It means that the frontiers were based on decisions of colonial administrators, which was most strongly the case in territories that had actually been divided, but can be seen to a lesser degree in other former colonies. I cannot tell whether this “partition” refers to the division of lands by European countries amongst themselves in the beginning of the colonial era, or to that by which former colonies established their new borders upon gaining independence. To be honest, I don’t completely understand the distinction made in this sentence between the two types of frontiers; the point of this entire passage appears to be simply that the frontiers of former colonies have often been arbitrarily established.

Thank you very much,Cerberus!

Oh, and “independently” should be “independent”.

You are correct. I made the mistake when I typed in the sentence. Thank you again.