Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I do not need those two, to show me that I have a split identity or perhaps more than two, but what I do know is that people who have this ‘disorder’ can sometimes be very dangerous and damaging. However, as long as they don’t hurt me, I can understand them, show compassion, because - and I’ve done some research on it - they know they have multuple personalities in them and it’s often caused by a traumatic experience. I’ve had a traumatic experience. My father was the cause. You see, one day, he noticed that his words didn’t hurt me anymore. I sort of became immune to them. So, he resorted to hitting and bashing me and shouted: ‘I’ll beat him to death, if it’s the last thing I ever do.’ After his rage I wasn’t badly injured, but I took as many of my clothes and school books as I could and said to him: ‘I’m moving to my grandma.’ He even pestered my mother. I want to share this, please don’t be scared. My mother had had mastectomy and he said: ‘I’m so lucky, because now I have a…’ No, I dare not say it, I’m sorry. But it must have been like being in horror movie for her… Just saying this suffices, because it would scare every woman on this planet. I wouldn’t like to have that on my conscience.