DR. COLLINS PCAT Self Study Guide w/ September 2012 and Biochemistry

I finished November 8 PCAT so now I’m looking to sell this valuable study guide. After taking PCAT, my preliminary composite score is 92%tile, which I’m happy to say. CBT PCAT sends official scores to your pharmacy school after 5 weeks. I’m selling Dr. Collins Guide with September 2012 update and biochem sections for $130. I will cover shipping cost. There are about 500 pages of information. There are almost hardly any writings on any section. Here’s further descriptions (copy and pasted from another post):

  1. Chemistry Study Guide - Chemistry Study Guide Part 1: Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry Study Guide Part 2: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Appendix to review answer(s)
    2)Chemistry Practice Tests - Chemistry Test #1-11, and Chemistry Test Answer Key.
    3)Biology - Biology Review, Set #1-9 Prac exams (Solutions behind every individual prac exam).
    4)Quantitative - Quantitative Review from Units 1-19, Practice Tests #1-7, Quant Answer key.
  2. Verbal - Verbal Analogies, Analogies Vocab List, Verbal Test #1-8, Verbal Tests Answer Key.
  3. Reading - Improving Your Reading Comprehension, Reading #1-6 tests
  4. Essay - PCAT Essay , The Essay
  5. Important Information - January-July-September 2012 Update

Please email me if you’re interested. I accept any valid payment. Paypal is preferred. Email is hardshiprx@gmail.com