Dr Collins PCAT 2012 updates and biochemistry/organic chemistry section included

Selling Dr Collins January 2012 update study packet

the study packet I have contains the following:

-PCAT Analogies (4 pgs. of 174 analogies to know/memorize)
-8 practice tests

-9 practice tests

-4 pg. guide with sample topics

-6 practice tests

-7 practice tests

Chemistry (with new biochemistry section added):
-11 practice tests
-Inorganic study guide (35 pages)
-Organic study guide (43 pages)

Selling it for $100, originally bought it for $350, prefer paypal

will be able to ship with priority mail (I believe it takes 2-3 days to get to destination)

you can email me at suahappy@hotmail.com for more questions, I am pretty good with email.

reducing price to $80. really would like to get rid of the packet before working. feel free to email for more questions

still for sale if anyone is interested. I have it for $70 shipping and tracking free of charge. email me for further questions.