Dr. Collins (Fall 2013) + So much more!

Hi I am selling the absolute latest version of the Dr. Collins prep package (Fall 2013). I had the new updates come in the mail a few weeks ago. This package will include all the new tests that simply aren’t in the old (upto 2011) versions. I am also including:

  • detailed Kaplan PCAT prep powerpoint slides that I made and used to prepare
  • the genuine e-copy of Cliffs 5 PCAT Practice tests
  • a very handy verbal file with many fair game words along with 60 analogies directly from the Pearson 2 online tests
  • other useful biology notes that I took from various relevant books/websites including The LifeWire.

I am also able to sell simply the 2013 updates if you already have the package itself along with + all the new tests that you may be missing + obv all the extra stuff

The updates include: Jan 2013, July 2013, Fall 2013, Quant update and Biology update
The new test numbers include: 13 tests for chem, 9 bio, 7 quant, 6 RC and 8 verbal + all the new answer sheets

I used everything I mentioned to prepare and scored 90+ and got into the school of my choice

If you are interested, please email me at: