Dr.Collins BRAND NEW

Hi guys!

I recently purchased the Dr.Collin’s self study guide but have decided against taking the PCAT. I just dont want to do pharmacy anymore…
anyways, I bought this study guide for the original price of $325 and did not even care to flip through the pages. So this is practically BRAND NEW. In fact, most of the pages are still crisp…This is the latest one that Dr.Collin’s has issued (with June updates)
I am looking to sell it for $150. The price is open for negotiation and I want US buyers only, unless you want to pay international shipping. I will pay shipping for domestic buyers.
It will probably be easier to contact me by emailing me. my email address is ilovecoach@live.com
I have some other PCAT goodies which I bought separately but I will include those in the same price as well.

I have reduced the price significantly. I think it is much more reasonable now. I have no intetions of ripping students off. I have been in the same boat…

I am looking for Dr. collins PCAT study guide. Do you still have it?
I would like to buy it. reply me to santha1900@yahoo.com